Based in Gothenburg, Sweden

Founding date:
October 3, 2014


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The Aquatic Adventure Of The Last Human
Post Void
Sea Salt

Svangatan 17B
416 68 Gothenburg



Y/CJ/Y is an indie game studio based in Gothenburg, Sweden. in 2014 Christopher and Josef got together and made the game Keep Walking EP. From there they went on to make Aquatc Adventure of the Last Human and are now working on Sea Salt. Their goal is to create unique and interesting game experiences that are deeply atmospheric.


After Keep Walking EP

After making Keep Walking EP we wanted to try making something a bit bigger. The only initial idea was that it would be underwater and the player would be a submarine. Once we got the background water and some of the foliege into the game we thought this would be cool and expanded it even futher. Inspiration from Star Wars, Planet of the Apes, Super Metroid and Shadow of the Collosus defined the look, gameplay and story of the game. We incorporated current events and more modern design choices to keep the game from feeling done before. We noticed a lot of rogue-like random generated games were coming out so we decided to make a hyper designed game, where almost every tile has thought behind it.

Aquatic Adventure Kickstarter

The community helped make this game much better by sucesfully funding the Kickstarter and getting it Greenlit on Steam. As our first commersial relese we are very proud to present The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human as the game that got us off the ground.

Keep Driving, No More Sweden and Sea Salt

We started working on Sea Salt in the summer of 2017 ago at the game jam event “No More Sweden”. During that time we’d we were also working on another game, Keep Driving, for a little more than a year, but had just found out that we didn’t have any funding. We got scared and confused, and decided to jump on Sea Salt instead as it felt like we had a clearer vision for it at that moment. It had a clear and unique gameplay, and the style and time period of the game really stuck to us. We were reading a lot of Lovecraft at the time after almost religiously playing Bloodborne for a year or so.


For a while there was this desire to make a simple 3D game but no real idea about what it could be. After Sea Salt we decided to give it a crack and start working on a 10 week project. We wanted to keep everything pretty simple so that we could manage it in those 10 weeks. After about 9 weeks Christopher broke his arm really badly so we took a bit of a break working. Returning to work with more vigor than ever we got the game to a place we really liked and decided to put it on Steam. So in the end it became our 20 week project.



POST VOID - Official Trailer YouTube

Sea Salt - Official Trailer YouTube

The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human [Release Trailer - January 19th] YouTube


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